Washing instructions

Cloth Nappy Washing

You should always follow the washing instructions which come with your nappies.

The following instructions are a general guideline

1. Remove nappy from baby

2. Remove inserts from shell and tip solids into toilet. If desired rinse inserts and wring out excess water before dry pailing.  

3. Put all parts of the nappy in a pail, bucket or wet bag. DO NOT soak your nappies.

4. Wash at least every second day- approx 12 nappies. 

5. Tip all nappy parts into washing machine.

6. Pre-rinse all nappy parts with 1/2 - 1 Tablespoon of cloth nappy safe powder or 1 Tablespoon of Rockin Green 'Funk Rock' on a cold high water level.

7. Wash all parts of the nappy with 1-2 Tablespoons of cloth nappy safe powder in warm water (No hotter than 40 degrees) on a high water level.

8. Line dry. Stains will bleach in the sun.




- All in One nappies like Tots Bots, Smart Bottoms and Pikapu are best hung from the tongue.

- Inserts that do not contain PUL can be put in the drier if needed. DO NOT put any of the shells in the drier as the PUL can be destroyed.

- Wet bags do not need to be washed at every wash cycle, just every now and again, unless they get soiled.